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Effects of Utilization of Waste Plastic Bottles Cell on CBR Values of Poor Cohesive Subgrade Soil

EasyChair Preprint no. 9789

12 pagesDate: February 27, 2023


India is developing with an increase in traffic but more than 20 % of the soil have less CBR value in India and not able to bear this load. Sustainable development is the need of the day and waste utilization is becoming essential to improve the engineering properties of soil. The use of plastic beverages and food items has increased exponentially and the packaging material used for all of these items are polyethylene have the same material properties as geosynthetics. Anticipating the current circumstances of life style complete proscription on the (LDPE and HDPE) plastic waste i.e polyethylene cannot be put, albeit these hazardous wastes taking the face of devil for the existing and subsequent generation. Subsequently, in the existing exploration an endeavor has been made to demonstrate the potential of claim backed (LDPE) waste plastic bottle as geocell soil reinforcement for improving the subgrade soils in an appropriate ways. Geocell derived from waste plastic bottles are accommodated at 1cm, 2cm and 3cm profundity individually. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests are performed independently for each. CBR tests are carried out by utilizing aggregates as a infill in mat. The Test results shows that The (CBR) value of soil was escalated by with inclusion of PET bottle mat geocell with aggregate as an infill material. Further, as the numbers of layers increases it donesnt shown significant changes but location at top is howing better improvement then at middle and bottom positions. Thus, waste plastic bottle cells are effective to improve the CBR values of soft cohesive soil subgrade.

Keyphrases: Black cotton soil, California Bearing Ratio, Sand, Subgrade, Wasted Plastic PET bottle cell

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