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Home Security System with SMTP Protocol

EasyChair Preprint no. 7796

6 pagesDate: April 18, 2022


With the event of synthetic intelligence and computers vision, face recognition has become a hot topic for pattern recognition. Safety could be a vital issue in today's world. Face recognition, or face recognition, is one in each of the foremost areas of research from the pc perspective. the event of face recognition systems has also improved and has taken place made plans to lock home doors and an option available is easy and simple to use and really accurate in detecting the face of house owners. we are able to now use face recognition to show on our telephone phones, confirm to spot the safety gates, and in some countries, do to buy. Although there has been plenty of progress made within the face detection and recognition of security, identification, and present objective, there are still problems that prevent progress from reaching or exceeding human-level accuracy. This paper contains image processing which ML could be a machine learning to detect an automatic criminal and detection Python libraries and CV libraries are wont to implement the proposed program.

Keyphrases: face detection, image processing, machine learning, Security, SMTP

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