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Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Wall Printing Machine

EasyChair Preprint no. 10284

73 pagesDate: May 29, 2023


The primary aim of our project is to design, develop and implement Autonomous Wall Printing Machine which will help to achieve low-cost printing equipment as compared to the conventional methods which are existing today. Wall paintings have been for variety of reasons in our surroundings like signage boards, wall murals, directional signs, or for aesthetic reasons. All of this requires skilled operator who need to work for longer hours to achieve good finishes. The conventional wall painting which is done by hand would cost anywhere around 55 to ₹75 per square feet which is inclusive of labor charges. This machine would finish the same job at a 35-50% cut in the market rates. The minimum amount of time required for paintings done by hand to dry in a suitable daily environment is around 4 to 5 hours, certain times the conditions may not be favorable for allowing the entire painting to dry. the chemicals which are used in paints produce a strong odor and they're very hazardous when inhaled by a human.  In this machine the printed area will dry within 5 to 6 seconds with the help of UV curing. The maximum height which our printer can reach is 8 feet, and the maximum width Is not limited. The different aspect ratios to which the machine is set is 1:1 which produces a square print, 7:5, 16: 9. In addition to this the machine would also allow the user to print at different speeds which includes slow, normal, fast. the total time which is required for the setup of the machine is around 10 minutes from the time it starts printing. The slowest speed would print a 1.8 inch by 1.8-inch picture at normal quality in 22 minutes and 31 seconds. In addition to all of this he could offer the opportunity to reduce and eliminate human exposure to hazardous environment which is the major safety concern today. These factors motivate the development of this project, and this report will be containing the detailed aspects of the same.

Keyphrases: automatic, Autonomous, Wall painting machine, Wall printing machine

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