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Experimental Investigation of Wear Characteristics of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Reinforced with Basalt Fibre

EasyChair Preprint no. 6567

7 pagesDate: September 13, 2021


Due to light weight and strength, Aluminium is a most widely used engineering material in various industrial and research fields. Aluminium-Silicon is made extremely useful in the area of combination materials in which the most important factor of high strength to weight ratio because the eutectic composition of Al-Si alloys is α and β structures.. Improved mechanical properties intensifying pure metals have proven their ability in Metal matrix composites. Reinforcement can expel the increased tensile and hardness properties of the composites with material mixed in proper ratio. There are different methodologies of fabricating composites like stir casting, liquid infiltration etc., while using these methods with proper parameters. Previous research papers specify better wear resistance and mechanical properties along with co-efficient of friction and dry sliding behavior of Al-Si-fly-ash metal matrix composite Al-Si as base metal in between 2-12% is acceptable. Hardness and tensile properties has been pragmatic in several cases of Al-Si-Fly-ash composites, whose weight percentage of fly-ash goes beyond 10% indicating continuous increment in hardness and tensile properties with certain limitations proposed. To overcome such a problem, it is proposed an addition of basalt fiber in certain weight percentage to test mechanical properties.

Keyphrases: Aluminium Silicon Carbide, Basalt fiber, Pin-on-disc tribometer, Wear test

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