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A Comprehensive Overview on Quality Assurance and Quality Analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 9940

8 pagesDate: April 6, 2023


Quality assurance (QA) is a set of processes and activities designed to ensure that a product or service meets certain quality standards and specifications. The goal of quality assurance is to prevent defects or problems before they occur and to ensure that products or services meet customer expectations.

QA involves a range of activities such as planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating quality control measures. This can include establishing standards and guidelines for product or service development, developing quality control plans and procedures, performing inspections and tests, and identifying and resolving issues that arise during the development process.

Quality assurance is particularly important in industries where safety and reliability are critical, such as healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing. It is also essential in software development, where it involves testing software for functionality, usability, and reliability before it is released to the market.

Overall, quality assurance plays a crucial role in ensuring that products and services meet or exceed customer expectations, which is essential for the long-term success of any organization.

Keyphrases: management, quality assurance, quality enhancement

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