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Proposed Antenna for 5G Network Application Based on Multiple-Input –Multiple-Output Technique

EasyChair Preprint no. 10367

24 pagesDate: June 9, 2023


This work proposes a small, planar, Duple-hexagon-shaped (DHS) antenna for millimeter-wave applications of 5G communication. The suggested antenna was constructed utilizing a quad-element Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) approach. A Rogers-5880 substrate with a thickness of 0.78 mm, a loss tangent of 0.0009, and a relative dielectric constant of 2.2 has been used to mount each radiating element. Assuming a threshold of 10 dB, a port isolation of greater than 20 dB has been observed over a frequency range (20-70 GHz). At 35.26 and 45.249GHz, maximum total gain measurements of 4.96 and 5.04 dBi, respectively, were made. Although the proposed antenna's high gain can help, attenuations caused by the atmosphere may be particularly difficult to overcome for higher frequencies. In addition, it has been demonstrated that the proposed MIMO antenna has a total efficiency of (71-79%) at millimeter wave frequencies. A prototype of the suggested quad-element MIMO antenna system was created, and its functionality was assessed. The CST software program has been used to carry out the simulation design process.

Keyphrases: 5G network, Antenna, Double-hexagon, high isolation

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