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Virtual Fit Partner

EasyChair Preprint no. 5655

17 pagesDate: May 28, 2021


 Nowadays, people often seek ways to monitor and improve their health and fitness as well. Some insurance companies use application data as incentives to improve health premiums and reduce them. This study focuses on the creation of an Android-based application to track and determine the health and fitness of the individual. Simple and accurate, the app does not force any programs and leaves you all freedom to build your own workout. The user can add the exercises and set the timer for each exercise. Customize your workout according to your wishes and track your progress after the session. It displays the progress graph of the user and the record of the individual can also be shared. There is also an integrated audio player in the proposed application. This can be used just like your personal trainer with virtual interaction. This will focus on each individual separately and consider their health personally by collecting the user information about their Body weight, height etc. In this manner the Virtual Fit Partner will be user’s virtual partner to make their lifestyle healthier.

Keyword : Android studio, Body evaluation, Gradle, BMI, Music player.

Keyphrases: Android Studio, BMI, Body evaluation, Gradle, Music Player

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