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Advanced Battery Charging of EV’s Using Hybrid Energy Sources and Monitoring with IOT

EasyChair Preprint no. 13015

6 pagesDate: April 14, 2024


This article describes the design of a charging system that may be installed in an electric car to effectively charge the battery and minimize its dependency on the grid. This is accomplished with the use of renewable energy, such as wind as a source and solar as a source. After charging of battery IOT is used to monitor, regulate, and operate the battery, ensuring that it operates at its best capacity and follows the proper patterns for charging and discharging. For the assurance of smooth charging of battery IOT integrates with various sensors such as current, voltage and temperature sensors for the display of these information. The incorporation of IOT helps user to identify and read the real time data of different parameters of battery which helps the user to charge the battery according to conditions which ultimately increases the efficiency of the battery. By implementing the above charging and battery management system we reduce the dependency on grid which is very helpful and beneficial in reducing the pollution and conservation of electricity hence making it environment friendly.

Keyphrases: Charging and discharging, hybrid system, IoT, Overheating protection

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