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Influence of Worship Songs to Mood

EasyChair Preprint no. 11280

6 pagesDate: November 11, 2023


The mood is defined as an emotional state or condition of the mind. Worship song is a type of song dedicated to God. It is usually sung to give praise and glorify God. This research aimed to find out how the moods of students with and without worship songs are assessed, and the significant difference in the moods of the students with and without worship songs.  A total of five (5) BS Psychology students were randomly selected to participate in the study. They were asked to listen to different worship songs and answer the mood test after. The researcher used the T-test. Based on the gathered results, it was observed that there is a difference between the moods of the students with and without worship songs (X=3.20; X=3.40) (SD=.45; SD=.55). However, it was not significant (t-value=1.00>.05 level of significance; p-value=.374>.05 level of significance). Moreover, I concluded that calmness in the moods of people could somehow be enhanced by worship songs. Thus, I recommend to the future researchers to use this as the basis for their research. In addition, upbeat songs like electronic dance music is highly recommended to use. Also, limit the number of songs to be played and the time allotment given in listening to the music.

Keyphrases: mood, music, Worship Songs

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