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Efficacy of Lateral Load Resisting Systems in High-Rise Structures

EasyChair Preprint no. 3094

8 pagesDate: April 1, 2020


High-rise structures are subjected to lateral loads such as wind and seismic loads during their life span. Therefore, adopting an effective lateral load resisting system in high-rise structures is important to resist the lateral loads. In this paper, different lateral load resisting systems to resist seismic loads in high-rise structures has been studied individually. Outrigger, diagrid and diagonal strut with masonry infill are considered as the lateral load resisting systems in this study. The individual efficacy of each lateral load resisting system has been assessed based on the maximum lateral displacements taking place in the high-rise structure. Response spectrum method of analysis is adopted for carrying out the seismic analysis of the high-rise RC building model in ETABS.The seismic analysis is carried out considering load combinations as per IS 1893(Part 1):2016. The results show that, the diagonal strut with masonry infill have lower storey displacements in the comparative study. It is also observed from the results of the analysis carried out, the outrigger system when applied in the structure results in comparative larger storey displacements. The diagrid system which has been adopted shows storey displacements greater than the diagonal strut with masonry infill but lesser than the outrigger system. Hence, the diagonal strut with masonry infill system has been observed to comparatively resist more of the lateral displacements and is effective.

Keyphrases: diagonal strut, Diagrid, high-rise, lateral load, lateral load resisting system, Outrigger, seismic analysis, Storey displacement

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