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High Level Secure Data Storage in Cloud Computing

EasyChair Preprint no. 9932

10 pagesDate: April 6, 2023


- Distributed computing in the current world there are many difficulties in the

security side. So, as a section in this work, cloud clients can have the option to trade their

reports.(for example text design) securely. With information capacity and sharing administration in

the cloud, clients can, without much of a stretch, adjust and share information collectively. For sake

of security, when a client is renounced from the gathering, the squares which were recently

endorsed by this denied client should be re-endorsed by a current client. Content-based

publish/subscribe provides a loosely-coupled and expressive form of communication for largescale distributed systems. Confidentiality is a major challenge for publishing/ subscribing middle

ware deployed over multiple administrative domains. This mechanism reduces the cost of

encryption matching, in the form of a profiteering operator using Bloom filters and simple

randomization techniques

Keyphrases: Confidentiality, defenseless, EARM, Intercession

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