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Invoice Processing Automation

EasyChair Preprint no. 5161

3 pagesDate: March 16, 2021


Receipt preparing is one of the key back-office activities that requests a great deal of manual exertion. With manual cycles set up, organizations sit around idly acquiring, allotting and affirming Receipts. (RPA) Robotic Process Automation is a more effective approach to Process invoicing. In this project we are going to Extract Invoice data and then filter them according to their due date and put those invoices into their respective excel sheets. Further the Excel sheet with expired Due Date will be sent to Respective Email Address. This Invoice processing Automation System is ,also trained to understand real world documents. It can also identify and extract a wide range of business values from your receipts and invoices, depending on the needs and requirements of your accounts payable and expense compliance processes. This Automation System will Process Invoices in Less time and with no Errors. This Automation Sem can Process More than 100’s of Invoices Per day which is very hard to get processed manually. It will save Human Efforts, it will give the company a monetary gain with minimum errors.

Keyphrases: Automation, Company Productivity, Invoice Automation, RPA, UiPath

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