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An Experimental Investigation on Concrete Paver Block by Using Plastic, Flyash and Rice Husk Ash

EasyChair Preprint no. 8297

10 pagesDate: June 18, 2022


The world's growing industrialization and urbanisation have resulted in a lot of infrastructure construction. This process causes a number of issues, including a shortage of building supplies and an increase in the output of garbage as well as other things. In this research work we studied the recycle of garbage like rice husk ash (RHA), fly ash (FA) and plastic. In M20 and M25 concrete, fly ash (FA) and rice husk ash (RHA) are used to partially, in place of cement, and plastic is used to partially replace the aggregate. For most of the construction work both above mix is used. The impact of partially substituting RHA and FA for cement and plastic with aggregate on concrete was thoroughly studied in this extensive experimental study. In this paper, we started with a proportion of 20% FA and 0% RHA mixed together in concrete by replacing cement, and ended with a proportion of 0% FA and 20% RHA, with a steady rise of RHA by 1% and a steady decline of FA by 1%, and waste plastic was added 10% to replace the same amount of aggregate in all proportions. To determine the physical qualities of FA, RHA, plastic, cement, and aggregate, tests were done. Paver blocks with a square shape are investigated experimentally for strength for seven days, fourteen days, twenty-four days, and fifty-four days. The results suggest that M25 concrete with a combination of (16 percent FA + 4 percent RHA) depending on cement weight and 10% plastic depending on aggregate weight has the highest compressive strength and has the potential to be used as an appropriate paver block material. Simultaneously, paver blocks' compressive strength is observed to be dropping as RHA increases.

Keyphrases: Environmental effect and quality control., Fly-ash Paver blocks, Plastic, Rice husk ash

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