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A Survey on Tractor Safety System for Data Analysis : a Comprehensive Investigation

EasyChair Preprint no. 9271

11 pagesDate: November 7, 2022


The high rate of injuries occurring due to Tractor operation is of major concern in most of the countries, despite the ever-increasing efforts made at normative levels. In particular, the use of agricultural tractors is recognized as the most hazardous activity for farmers due to the large number of fatalities occurring every year in India. The huge advantages of Survey and its analysis in improving Tractor Safety systems and further to its rating efficiency have become a research focus in the Tractor industry. Tractor have made significant progress in recent years, but it is still face great challenges in order to be accepted by users on a large scale in the area of Safety. In this regard, propose that the research of developing and investigating the can be developed along the lines of safety system using in for tractors gradually overcoming existing dilemmas. First of all in this research sort out the key technologies and challenges of the basic architecture of tractor Safety systems. Secondly, comfort is more about people's subjective feelings. From two aspects of physiological comfort and psychological comfort, the paper studies the anthropomorphic decision-making to overcome the mechanized safety control. Finally, the summarized the challenges and future development directions in the three stages of tractor safety development. Massive Open google form Online forms hold the potential to open up tractor safety system and its review to a global audience. This paper reports a survey study of 264 participants enrolled from Tractor OEM, Tractors Service professionals, Fleet tractor owners , Operators , farmers and others who were encouraged to take a Open google form Online forms of their own choice as part of their authentic experienced .

Keyphrases: Critcal issues, data analysis, ROPS, smart Survey, Tractor Safety, Tractor Seat

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