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Comparison of Response of Building Against Wind Load as per Wind Codes [IS 875 – (Part 3) – 1987] and [IS 875 – (Part 3) – 2015]

EasyChair Preprint no. 5397

7 pagesDate: April 28, 2021


A comparison of wind loads to make a G+11 building in staad and design the building against wind load is presented in this paper. The importance of this study is to calculate the wind load for a structure by the two different code and compare them for better analysis. In present scenario high rise structures have advantages in the populous area and to make more space to live and provide better accommodation in highly populated area around the world. To make the building cost effective and proper design should have to done for more area for living purpose and reduce the cost of structure and safety of structure should be consider in this design. In the recent times, there had been so many catastrophic damages caused by high wind speed in the coastal regions of India which prove that many buildings that are currently in use are not fully wind resistant. In this paper, we have calculated the wind load using static method by the old code [IS: 875 – (Part 3) – 1987] and as per the new code [IS: 875 – (Part 3) – 2015] for zone 4 with terrain category 3 and the building is analyzed using STAAD PRO Software.

Keyphrases: building, deflections, pressure, wind load

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