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Muslim Fashion Trends: Analysis and Perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 714

4 pagesDate: January 7, 2019


Indonesia has the largest country with the Muslim population in the world,  where many Muslimah (women muslim) wearing the hijab. At this time, muslimah attracted to change their conventional style into the modern way of dressing hijab. It caused the Muslim fashion is growing fast and the design is fashionable. The aim of this study is to analyze the Muslim fashion trend in Indonesia, and how to create Indonesia as a center of Muslim fashion in the world. To express the phenomenon of the Muslim fashion trend in Indonesia will be analyzed through a qualitative approach. Data collected through interview, observation and literature study which related to the Muslim fashion trends. Muslimah dress or hijab became a cultural identity and communication, which means not only to carry out their religious orders but also to look them fashionable.

Keyphrases: communication, cultural identity, Hijab, Muslim Fashion Trend

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