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Creating Slides from Video Lecture

EasyChair Preprint no. 5032

11 pagesDate: February 25, 2021


Video recordings of lectures are no longer a rarity in the conditions of distance learning. Videos may be in an inconvenient format for students or contain different artifacts due to compression, camera quality, and other factors. It is useful to have a presentation of the study material, which contains only the text from the board because such a view of the material is most similar to the compendium. Moreover, some of the text may not be visible due to occlusions from people. To address these issues, we employ a neural network that removes people from video via content-aware-inpainting. To reduce duplication of slides due to camera shaking, we perform video-stabilization as a preprocessing step. Finally, we create slides by comparing changes in the frames, color correcting, and binarizing them. As a result, we get slides with the extracted text or drawings from the board, which will help to simplify the creation of e-learning materials for both new and existing lecture recordings. Teachers will also be able to quickly provide lecture material to students even if they teach several complex subjects.

Keyphrases: Binarization, Removing a person from video, Slides from video, video lecture, Video stabilization

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