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Simulation in NATO Federated Mission Networking

EasyChair Preprint no. 4599

19 pagesDate: November 19, 2020


Two decades ago in Afghanistan, NATO’s International Security Assistance Force learned that the multinational force was hampered in operations until the Afghan Mission Network (AMN) was assembled and able to support collaboration and coordination of forces. Today Allied Command Transformation is preparing for a future where a coalition force has a network far superior to AMN on Day Zero of coalition operations. Toward this end, the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) project is assembling a framework of NATO and commercial standards with the expectation that member nations will configure their networked capabilities to interoperate over the FMN standards.

The NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (MSG) Technical Activity 145 and SISO Product Development Group for the C2-Simulation Interoperation (C2SIM) standard have been working together to standardize and operationalize a new capability, which has been described in previous ICCRTS papers by the authors. The team that assembled C2SIM standards now finds a new challenge: assembling and justifying a collection of standards for modeling and simulation (M&S) that suit FMN needs, with C2SIM an obvious cornerstone of that collection. This paper addresses from a systems engineering viewpoint the technical issues and process whereby standards for networked computer simulation within the FMN are nominated. The paper introduces the FMN concept, followed by a discussion of the role of M&S in coalition operations, and finished with a review of likely standards for networked military simulation that will be included.

Keyphrases: coalition command and control, Interoperability, military simulation

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