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Enhancing the Worth of Public Libraries in Nigeria: the Digital Inclusion Imperatives

EasyChair Preprint no. 12285

7 pagesDate: February 25, 2024


The need to promote employment, better quality of life, social participation and integration in sub-saharan African communities through access to and meaningful use of digital technologies for social inclusion has become expedient. The article sees a critical responsibility for Public libraries to promote and support digital inclusion in Nigeria against the backdrop of digital divide, weak digital literacy profile and the country’s low digital opportunity indices. The significance of promoting digital inclusion, improving community engagement, enhancing technology use capabilities to create digital citizens who can pursue healthy and fulfilling lives will be discussed. The paper proposes a digital inclusion blueprint for the implementation of the library’s digital inclusion programmes with emphasis on motivation, access, skills and trust as key drivers. The paper espouses the imperatives and strategies necessary for Public libraries to serve as their community digital hubs. Public libraries in Nigeria will be enhanced through digital inclusion initiatives.

Keyphrases: Digital Citizens, Digital Imperatives, digital inclusion, Nigeria, public libraries

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