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Evaluation of Water Quality for Badaa Canal Project South of Iraq

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15 pagesDate: March 27, 2024


Badaa canal is Basic source of fresh water in Basra -However, The canal remained structurally unsafe and many cases of not providing water. In 6th month 2008, the Japanese s Agency of  (JICA) agreed a credit to rebuild worth $395 million American Dolars to the Iraq– as an initial amount in a developInte rnational Cooperation ment program.

This research focus on the Al Bada Canal Water quality; it begins in the Al Bada district downstream of the AL Garhaf River at Nassiriya and ends in Basrah governorate that have a problem from water inability for drinking and irrigation water throughout the year. The parameters selected  were PH, EC,TDS, Turb,  TH,Ca, Na, Mg,SO4,Cl..

Because of few studies on this important canal ,we have to made this study,In this research we applied Baharjava water quality index for   evaluating Badaa canal water quality, then we applied GIS Technique to enhance clarity and interest . Some researchers did a study using the qualtitative method, The Canal's overall length is 238.5 KM. It has 196  plants, two of them are pumping stations, and three Syphons rate discharge is 21m3 m3/sec of which 6 m3 and 15m3 to   Nassiriya and Basrah respectively. The design has few activity compared to needs becaue of sundry troubles that effect water quantity and quality.the results for current study  showed that the canal water quality is acceptable for both drinking and irrigation uses at stationS1  while it's acceptable for drinking uses and excellent for irrigation uses at station S2, For station S3 it was good for drinking and acceptable for irrigation uses, while for station S4 it was acceptable for   drinking and good for irrigation uses, the GIS maps help us to distinguish between four stations within two provinces.

Keyphrases: Badaa canal, Baharjava WQI, Basrah, GIS, Nasiriya

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