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Cognitive Profile and Academic Performance in First Semester Students of the FECYT UTN

EasyChair Preprint no. 3354

23 pagesDate: May 8, 2020


The academic performance of the first semester students is usually the best indicator of learning and adaptation to the new university environment. From cognitive psychology, it is known that internal processes of a cognitive nature such as general intellectual capacity and specific skills, as well as non-cognitive processes: the perception of self-efficacy, motivation and expectations, among others, affect learning. The main objectives of the research are focused on knowing the relationship between cognitive profile and academic performance in students of the first semester of the FECYT-UTN, with an N = 395, through an exploratory and correlational study on cognitive processes and their linkage with academic performance. To know the cognitive profile, the CogniFit digital platform was used, through the General Cognitive Assessment, which accurately evaluates a wide range of skills and identifies weaknesses and strengths in the areas of attention, memory, coordination, perception and reasoning. A non-significant relationship of academic performance with the cognitive profile of the students was found, thus opening up a myriad of questions regarding their high academic performance and the cognitive deficiencies found in certain skills and one of them was to make a comparison between groups where a significant difference can be seen.

Keyphrases: academic performance, cognitive abilities, Cognitive profile, university students

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