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Analysis of TCP Congestion Control Queuing Mechanism and Investigation for High Throughput and Low Queuing Delay

EasyChair Preprint no. 3222

9 pagesDate: April 22, 2020


A protocol is a set of rules that governs data communication which decides when to communicate, how to communicate and where to communicate and also what to communicate. One of them is Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that is the most popular and known protocol for controlling of the data transmission from source to destination or from one node to another node. It gives the best results in offline streaming of the data as compared to User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Congestion is the mechanism in networking that takes place in the time of communication when the data exceeds from its actual limit and it becomes overhead then congestion problem occurs. It usually occurs on the network like if there exist a router then the overhead occurs on router when there is limited time-baud buffer due to which the data may loss or overhead occurs. For this solution TCP is the best option to control and avoid from this problem. In this paper, an analysis has been made with the help of TCP for examining the congestion control queuing mechanism. Along with that, some parameters have been taken into account take are throughput and delay. These parameters have been tested under different settings and have been showed that by utilizing TCP congestion control queuing approach high throughput and low delay of queuing has encountered. From OPNET simulation results it has been concluded that TCP have shown remarkable and outstanding performance for controlling congestion issue with the help of other existing schemes that has shown poor performance.

Keyphrases: Congestion Control Queuing, Queuing delay, Throughput, Transmission Control Protocol

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