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The Application of “Green Technology” In the Modern Day Construction Projects-A Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 3277

10 pagesDate: April 28, 2020


Green technology has become an integral part of sustainable construction projects when observing the vast impact, it made on the built environment, and its values are influential and all-inclusive, contributing noteworthy gains when used in innovative facilities as well as current structures. Although, in modern day construction projects, green technology is applied to offer an increasing demand and higher market values for its facilities. This paper utilizes review of various literature to expose the drifts of green technology applications from first solving conceptual sustainable design problems such as diminishing returns, unstable investment, waste prevention, etc. Using sustainable design principle-guidelines with a well-grounded understanding of the technology life cycle. Some values of green technology application, and challenges facing green technologies adoption in construction processes are identified. Finally, since the stir of the 21st century construction industry is towards sustainable development, and for any built environment in any country to achieve its sustainable goals for sustainable development, this paper ascertains that all effort should be geared towards adopting green technology in construction projects.

Keyphrases: Construction projects., green technology, sustainable design, Sustainable Principle, Technological Life-cycle

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