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A Comparative Study Among the Possible Configuration of Double-Y Balun

EasyChair Preprint no. 1658

4 pagesDate: October 14, 2019


A comparative study has been done among all possible configuration of a double-Y balun. The comparison has been made in terms of their frequency domain response. Double-Y balun has an all-pass characteristic. Among all possible configuration of the double-Y balun, microstrip line to stripline transition from 100$\Omega$ unbalanced line to 100$\Omega$ balanced line shows the best response. This optimum double-Y balun shows all-pass characteristics over more than 10GHz bandwidth. An exponential taper is used to convert 100$\Omega$ unbalanced impedance to 50$\Omega$ unbalanced and 100$\Omega$ balanced impedance to 100$\Omega$ balanced impedance. This complete feed system can be used to feed a balanced planar Bi-blade antenna for ground penetrating radar application.

Keyphrases: Co-planar stripline, Co-planar waveguide, Double-Y Balun, GPR, microstrip line, ultra-wideband

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