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Higher Education Learning Experience in Post Pandemic Scenario: a Study Conducted on Learners’ Academic Performance at University of Karachi

EasyChair Preprint no. 7778

18 pagesDate: April 12, 2022


COVID-19 has dramatically reshaped the way global education is delivered. Millions of learners were affected by educational institution closures due to the pandemic, which resulted in the largest online movement in the history of education. With this sudden shift away from classrooms in many parts of the world, universities had to rapidly shift to virtual and digital strategies. Many believe that the adoption of online distance learning will persist in post pandemic. A new hybrid model of education is expected to emerge. This research study is investigating effect of the sudden shift from face-to-face to online distance learning due to COVID-19 lockdown at university of Karachi. This was mixed method study using a phenomenological approach for which a questionnaire and interview were design to collect the data. Participants were identifying through random sampling design. Tests were used for the analysis of data and through content analysis. Comparison was made between 120 students who completed a face-to-face course in 2019 and 150 students who completed the same course but fully online in 2020. The results suggested that there was no statistically significant difference in students’ grades. In addition, the unplanned and rapid move to online distance learning at the time of pandemic did not result in a poor learning experience as was expected. The study also included a survey of 200 students and interviews were conducted of 30 professors about their learning and teaching experience in post pandemic. The results of this study supported to the hybrid model of education and provide specific suggestion for Higher Education experts and stakeholders for future application of online learning. It’s decided to make the shift to online distant learning in all future higher education plans; the results of this study would be vital and specially significance for Higher Education in National and International context.

Keyphrases: academic performance, Higher Education Learning, online distance learning, Post-pandemic, teaching-learning strategies

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