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Investigation Active Flow to Control the Separation over an Airfoil NACA 2415

EasyChair Preprint no. 7310

8 pagesDate: January 10, 2022


Active flow is effective method to control flow near an airfoil. The flow can be created in many ways. Plasma circulation control technique overcomes disadvantage of other method and is used in the paper as active flow to control separation in the airfoil NACA 2415 with speed of free-stream V=50m/s. Gambit software is used to create mesh while Fluent is applied for calculation. The result shows that with the working of active flow the lift coefficient and critical angle of attack grow up, the maximal aerodynamic performance is obtained at angle of attack α=4°. In the paper method discrete vortex is also presented to comparing with result in numerical method. Both of these methods give similar result with small angle of attack in viscous, incompressible flow and at average Reynolds number.

Keyphrases: active flow, Airfoil, discrete vortex method, Plasma actuator

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