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Design and Development of a Paint Spraying Robotic Mechanism

EasyChair Preprint no. 1693

10 pagesDate: October 16, 2019


This paper documents the design and implementation of a system to be used to spray all sides of any complex shaped object. The system is developed through a robotic mechanism. The mechanism is equipped with a paint spraying system, a curing system and a cooling system. The robotic mechanism has an ability to spray the object without any human interference. The spraying gun of the robotic system will be kept at a specific distance from the object to have a fine and neat finishing of the painted object and then the curing system will cure the powder paint on the surface of work piece and the cooling unit will cool down the work piece. This robot is designed to paint any kind of three dimensional objects under one cubic feet size.

Keyphrases: Auto Cooling, Automatic Paint Curing, Paint Spraying, robotic mechanism

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