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Application of Design Sprint for Educational Purposes: a Case Study at Federal Institute of Goiás

EasyChair Preprint no. 151

12 pagesDate: May 22, 2018


Design techniques focused in user are desirable for undergraduates, but there are few initiatives that address the insertion of these techniques into the curricula of Higher Education Brazilian's colleges. This article sought to develop hypotheses that would help to construct a model for insertion of learning in design-based techniques for Brazilian's academies through the use of Design Sprint adjusted for educational purposes applied as a case study at the Federal Institute of Goiás. To that end, exploratory research methodology was used. In the survey applied, 91% of students considered Design Sprint  productive in learning context and 100% of students agreed that Design Sprint can creatively solve problems. They also expressed a desire to participate in new applications of it for educational purposes. After the case study was planned, applied and validated, it is inferred that possibility of Design Sprint's insertion in curricula exists and that, in fact, such techniques add value to teaching when applied in some classes, making it dynamic and intuitive in addition to solve real problems which students are experiencing.

Keyphrases: Design Sprint, Design Thinking, educational learning, user experience

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