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Smart Health Care Delivery System: the Nigerian Secondary Health Care Perspective

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6 pagesDate: April 4, 2024


The health sector in Nigeria, particularly the Secondary hospitals, is collapsing due to a number of factors, including inadequate referral systems, poor decision-making, excessive bureaucracy, subpar medical personnel, corruption, improper patient attention, improper documentation of patient records for continuity despite the population growth. The aforementioned issues with secondary hospital management have been demonstrated to arise from the health sector's underutilized and inaccessibility of smart technologies. The term "smart health delivery system" describes the integration of smart technology concepts and tactics within the healthcare industry. Additionally, it makes use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to guarantee that health care delivery keeps up with technological advancements. By using a patient-concentric approach, the tech-driven consolidated platform can automate the entire clinic process and update patient record management. As such, a smart healthcare delivery system was proposed using the spiral model, consisting of medical personnel module, administrative personnel module as well as patients' management module. Three experiments demonstrated the system's ease of administration as regards to the management of the secondary hospitals, proper patient documentation, the system also enables patient manage their appointments. It was concluded that the proposed system effectively addressed medical personnel recklessness, proper patient medical record management, and elimination of excessive bureaucracy. Thus, it is advised that the suggested system be put into place in Nigeria Secondary Hospital in order to enhance healthcare services delivery and to ensure long-term viability of the secondary medical field.

Keyphrases: module, Secondary health care, service delivery, Smart Healthcare, Spiral Model

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