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An Exploratory Study on the Production of Metaverse Ethics Education Contents for Adolescents

EasyChair Preprint no. 8528

7 pagesDate: July 25, 2022


As Covid-19 hits the world, we are paying attention to the rapidly changing virtual reality. As interest in the metaverse rapidly increases, various social and ethical problems and cyber crimes are occurring, and the risk is growing as the majority of metaverse platform users are teenagers.


regulations and guidelines for the Metaverse have not yet been prepared, and the government has announced that it will establish the ‘Metaverse Ethical Principles’ as a self-regulatory norm for the establishment of the Metaverse ecosystem, but a concrete implementation plan has not yet been presented. For the sustainable development of Metaverse, ethical education content to identify ethical issues within Metaverse society and establish a sense of norms is essential.


Accordingly, this study confirms the necessity and direction of metaverse ethics education focusing on three areas, such as sexual offenses, personal information infringement, intellectual property rights and ownership infringement, and presents contents by analyzing previous studies to enhance the effectiveness of education. aim to do Based on this suggestion, it has implications in that it can help the structure of content development and the need for specific institutionalization of ethics education in the future so that a safe metaverse society can be realized.

Keyphrases: adolescent, ethics education, Metaverse, Virtual Reality

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