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Strategic Planning and Its Role in Achieving the Entrepreneurial Performance of Small and Medium Organizations

EasyChair Preprint no. 6799

20 pagesDate: October 7, 2021


The aim of the research is to shed light on the dimensions of strategic planning and their impact on achieving entrepreneurial performance, represented by the dimensions (pre-planning, innovation, renewal, and entrepreneurial culture) in the facility affiliated with the Salah al-Din Health Department. The questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data and information from the 92 sample. Those who are in the position (Associate Director General, Section Head, First Division Undersecretary, Second Division Undersecretary, Division Officer, Associate Division Officer)The statistical program (SPSS) was used to calculate (the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, coefficient of variation, F-test, identification parameters R2, X2 test, T-test) and the research reached a number of conclusions, the most prominent of which were:

  1.  There is an impact of strategic planning in the dimensions of tax leadership performance.
  2. There are significant differences in the sample response about the items of the questionnaire in the personal variables (occupational level, Scientific location, number of years of service).

Keyphrases: achieving the entrepreneurial performance, small and medium organizations, strategic planning

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