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RECAST - A system to decarbonise long-distance shipping

EasyChair Preprint no. 4188

7 pagesDate: September 14, 2020


RECAST is system which could deliver the IMO target that shipping shall reduce its CO2 emissions of 900 million tonnes of CO2 in 2012 by 50% by 2050. The industry is working to reduce SOx emissions by 2020, with the need to maintain low NOx emissions. RECAST could reduce shipping emissions to zero. RECAST could achieve this by:- (i) On-land processing of limestone (CaCO3) to low emissions lime ( CaO) in a Calix LEILAC calciner, which can capture the process CO2 emissions for minimal energy or operating cost penalty (, and is fuel/power agnostic, (ii) Sequestering or utilising the captured CO2 (CCS/CCU), (iii) Using the low emissions lime to capture the CO2 from ship stacks (bunker fuel, marine diesel or LNG) using Calix’s Direct Capture Technology. NOx and SOx reductions are also being targeted with proprietary additives, (iv) Using the heat released by CaO recarbonation,and any fuel slip oxidation, in a Waste Heat Recovery system. Initial estimates suggest over 1/4 increase in fuel range per tonne of bunker fuel / LNG. Lime is both a sorbent and additional fuel (v) When permissions have been granted, releasing the mostly converted lime (which is CaCO3) into the sea. Any unreacted lime will form Calcium Bicarbonate – which also absorbs 1.7 mols CO2 per mole ol lime . These combined RECAST processes could give zero CO2 emissions using existing fuels. Initial estimates give the cost of CO2 avoided as low as US$70/t, depending mainly on lime costs. The development risk is largely associated with combining the largely established technologies effectively. Calix’s innovation is to bring these technologies together in RECAST at a commercial scale on a ship, with zero emissions lime production in a Calix LEILAC Calciner. This paper describes the system and the process by which it will be fully demonstrated and then brought to market.

Keyphrases: Decarbonisation of shipping, Exothermal reaction heat recovery, Lime as additional fuel, Lime as sorbent, Net zero CO2, Reduce ocean acidity, Reduce SOx NOx particulates VOCs Methane slip

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