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Mechanical Properties Hybrid Composite Glass Fiber, Kevlar Fiber Reinforcement with Nano Alumina

EasyChair Preprint no. 7040

9 pagesDate: November 14, 2021


Composite materials are one type of materials, which reinforced by particles, fabrics, or plates of another type. hey, consist of fibers and materials that keep these fibers known as a matrix that led to improving the stiffness of the composites these fibers are widely used to strengthen polymerically, In this paper, the study of mechanical properties of Kevlar/glass fiber hybrid composite laminate with nanoparticles. Composite laminates with an epoxy matrix reinforced with twill Kevlar weaved fiber and plain glass was woven fiber. three different types of composite laminates different (polymer composite and nanoparticles (AL2O3), polymer composite and glass fiber, polymer composite, and glass fiber, and Kevlar were manufactured. The effect of Kevlar/glass fiber content on the mechanical properties (hardness, tensile, and impact). Results indicated that hybridization of Kevlar fiber to glass fiber with nanoparticles improved the hardness values, impact energy absorbed, and tensile strength of fibers that were spun with Kevlar fibers and of composite laminates with nanoparticles.

Keyphrases: composite materials, Epoxy resin, Hybrid composite, mechanical properties, Nanoparticles, woven fiber

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