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Waste Management Practices in Infrastructure Projects in India

EasyChair Preprint no. 6617

27 pagesDate: September 16, 2021


Construction and demolition waste poses a great threat to the environment adding to the rising pollution levels across India. India generates 100-150 million tonnes/year, an underestimate figure by roughly 35 times. Proper management of this waste is a crucial aspect in achieving sustainable development and a circular economy. With extensive exploratory research and literature reviews, knowledge has been gathered and compiled in this paper to highlight the status quo of C&D waste management systems in India with examples of Delhi and Ahmedabad. It also elucidates on the govt policies like C&D waste rules 2016 and national resource efficiency policy, 2019 as well as Insights from best global practices to benchmark the existing systems. C&D waste is recyclable with products of approved quality and standards to be used in construction activity. These products face problems in their market uptake, solutions for which have been mentioned in this paper. Lastly, recommendations to improve overall C&D waste management infrastructure so as to develop a cleaner and greener India.

Keyphrases: C&D waste, circular economy, Waste management infrastructure

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