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Numerical Modeling of Time Effects of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs Strengthened by FRP Sheets

EasyChair Preprint no. 7562

8 pagesDate: March 13, 2022


This paper deals with numerical investigations to develop new a nonlinear viscoelastic model to study the behavior of long-term deflection (considering the creep) of the strengthening two-way slab by FRP sheets. Creep is always related to damages, and it's one complex phenomenon that is set up differently in each program, so computations are done using the Finite Element Method (FEM) by using the ANSYS/ APDL Ver19.2 program. In the ANSYS program, creep analysis can be done in a variety of ways. One of these is the Prony series' definition of creep function. The investigates include some important parameters' effect on the behavior of strengthening two-way slab. Four parameters were studied in this research consisted; the sustained load magnitude, compressive strength, length to thickness of the slab, and FRP sheet type. Where analyzed seventy-two models and noticed that the deflection decreased when increased the compressive strength and elasticity modulus of FRP (with remaining other parameters constant) but the deflection increased when increased the sustained load magnitude and decreasing the length of the slab.

Keyphrases: ANSYS, Creep, Strengthening, two-way slab

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