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Role of Spread Spectrum Based Lora in Advanced Flood Monitoring and Warning System

EasyChair Preprint no. 7178

7 pagesDate: December 7, 2021


All over the world flooding are a natural phenomenon and a serious issue for consideration. To limit these impacts, prevention should be taken and one of the precautionary measures is to efficiently sense and monitor flooding parameters such as river water level and rainfall in the remote area on a real-time basis. In the present-day scenario of River flood monitoring the GSM /GPRS or satellite data communication networks are broadly utilized but in no signal tower, remote location area all these networks fail and also it is very expensive to manage satellite communication network, therefore we proposed in our project a LoRa based communication link. In this project framework for the implementation of the efficient wireless network, we use LoRa (low power long-range protocol) as a method of data communication in a wireless network. LoRa is essentially a spread spectrum regulation strategy from chirp spread range (CSS) innovation and also explores the best predictive performance analysis configuration parameter for LoRa devices in the advancement of the observing framework. The overall project system involves the deployment of various water level sensor nodes at specific flood vulnerable remote location areas for real-time flood monitoring and detection with an efficient and optimized transmission power of essential data transmission in the hydrological network with the help of our dedicated LoRa wireless network. The full-length paper explains the design and development of a LoRa communication-based flood warning system developed using an embedded controller and being implemented at a nearby site in Pune.

Keyphrases: chirp spread spectrum, Flood Monitoring System, Internet of Things, line of sight, LoRa Module, lora sx1278 module, power research station, spread spectrum based lora, ultrasonic water level sensor, water level height, Wireless Sensor Network

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