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Retrieval of Redundant Hyperlinks After Attack Based on Hyperbolic Geometry of Web Complex Networks

EasyChair Preprint no. 7151

12 pagesDate: December 4, 2021


The Internet and the Web can be described as huge networks of connected computers, connected web pages, or connected users. Analyzing link retrieval methods on the Internet and the Web as examples of complex networks is of particular importance. The recovery of complex networks is an important issue that has been extensively used in various fields. Much work has been done to measure and improve the stability of complex networks during attacks. Recently, many studies have focused on the network recovery strategies after the attack. Predicting the appropriate redundant links in a way that the network can be recovered at the lowest cost and fastest time after attacks or interruptions will be critical in a disaster. In addition, real-world networks such as the World Wide Web are no exception, and many attacks are made on hyperlinks between web pages, and the issue of predicting redundant hyperlinks on this World Wide Web is also very important. In this paper, different kinds of attack strategies are provided and some retrieval strategies based on link prediction methods are proposed to recover the hyperlinks after failure or attack. Besides that, a new link prediction method based on the hyperbolic geometry of the complex network is proposed to retrieve redundant hyperlinks and the numerical simulation reveals its superiority that the state-of-the-art algorithms in recovering the attacked hyperlinks especially in the case of attacks based on edge betweenness strategy.

Keyphrases: Attack strategies, blog network, complex networks, Hyperbolic distance, hyperbolic geometry, hyperbolic geometry of the complex network, link prediction, Retrieval of redundant hyperlinks, Retrieval power, retrieval strategies, Web Network, World Wide Web

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