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The Flight and Hovering of a Balloon-Multicopter with a Special Assembly Scheme Under Lateral Wind Disturbance

EasyChair Preprint no. 9094

11 pagesDate: October 24, 2022


The balloon-multicopter or ballooncopter is a new flight vehicle type that combines the advantages of a and those of a multicopter/ multirotor device G position when hovering and s). The ballooncopters can be highly effective in different fields such as monitoring, tourism and transportation to the areas that are difficult to reach. This article deals with ballooncopters that have a special solution to assemble a multicopter with the balloon and payload as a scheme of two seriesly hung pendulums. The assembly scheme many times reduces the necessary power of the rotors when needed to tilt the thrust vector. This new assembly scheme requires balance and stability considerations when flying in windy conditions. The longitudinal motion was considered in a paper of Aeronautical Journal (UK) that is to be published in near future. This article will deal with these problems in the scope of the action of lateral wind. To confirm the dynamic stability the authors use numerical testing in different wind disturbance. The motion of the ballooncopter is modeled using a 3-body, 6-degree-of-freedom mechanical system and the motion law of the system is determined by the method of Lagrange II equations; the calculation is done in MAPLE. The software was accurately verified when used as a design aid tool (CAE-Computer-Aided Engineering). The numerical testing results confirm the balance and stability of a hypothetical ballooncopter in the presence of lateral wind in a step form of disturbance at hovering flight with an autopilot and in a rectilinear flight. The numerical testing also show that the small oscillations may be damped by friction of the cardan joint for payload In this case one can obtain the higher estimation of the oscillations.

Keyphrases: ateral wind disturbance, Balloon-multicopter, Friction joint, hovering flight, multicopter

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