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A Review of Distribution Related Problems in Supply Chain Management of a Ship Management Company

EasyChair Preprint no. 2343

6 pagesDate: January 9, 2020


Supply Chain Management is a methodology of improving the business processes, making them more resilient, more agile and as a result, more competitive. The main function of SCM is to improve the product or service competitiveness. Currently, only organizations that are skillfully organized and have optimized business processes, can meet the requirements of the market and stand up to the competition. Despite the fact that logistics has a whole range of instruments in order to achieve multiple benefits in the process of supply chain management, it is necessary to search for new ideas about how to solve problems in handling procurement, transportation, inventory control, customer service and optimization of logistics processes. In recent years, in the field of quality a variety of systems, concepts and techniques to improve logistic operations has been developed. These methods can be used to solve logistic problems, eliminate waste, minimize inventory levels, and synchronize activities of individual entities involved in the process.


As India is becoming a global manufacturing hub. Increasing demand in domestic and international markets is opening a new world of opportunities for the Indian Industry. Increasing competition, due to globalization is making inevitable for the Indian industries to provide cost effective quality output with stringent delivery schedules. Issues in supply of inferior quality, delayed supply, unwarranted cost escalation, etc. would adversely impact the credibility and business potential of the Indian industry. Hence as a case study the supply chain management of M/s Good Wood Ship Management Ltd is reviewed.  M/s Good Wood Ship Management Ltd is an independent ship management company that offers high quality marine services. To resolve the distribution related problems in the company, tools / techniques mentioned in the literature review will be used.

Keyphrases: cost management, IMPLANTATION OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, time management

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