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A Review on: the Rise in Cyber Forensics & Innovations

EasyChair Preprint no. 5585

6 pagesDate: May 21, 2021


The extensive relevance of forensics in today's data-driven environment has been brought into focus in this article. Both freeware and profitable software are contentious fields, with opposing concerns about accessibility and security. This article has a primary goal of using pre-defined criteria and a platform-oriented approach and using it to examine profitable and freeware mobile forensic alternatives. Test conditions are put in place to ensure that the tools provide an inclusive approach to respond to digital problems and scenarios. Oxygen Forensic Suite and Prodiscover are considered profitable tools, whereas The Magnet Forensics and Sleuth Kit are considered freeware tools. The study concludes with a comparison matrix that may aid in determining the best-fit option for the investigation's requirements. This might suggest how freeware ones may replace many proprietary applications: Can proprietary software replace freeware tools? This might maybe be implemented

Keyphrases: Cybercrimes, Digital Forensics, Digital Investigations, Oxygen Forensic Suite, Prodiscover

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