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The Relationship Between Language and Speech: Formal Understanding of Natural Symbology

EasyChair Preprint no. 9905

15 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


This paper aims to realize the natural language formal understanding through the mathematical logic principle of indirect formalization for Chinese and its characters, and its essence is to understand the relationship between language and speech. The method is as follows: First, it is clear that monosyllabic Chinese characters have two basic attributes of language and text at the same time, the text characteristics of English letters and the language characteristics of English morphemes, words, phrases and sentences, which belong to another type of text and language; further, it is clear that the large and small strings of mixed syllables belong to two different speech, such as Chinese and English. It is found that in the past, Chinese was regarded as a monosyllabic language and English was regarded as a polysyllabic language which is a complete misjudgment; finally, it is further clarified that monosyllabic and mixed syllables not only have unique interpersonal communication in Chinese, but also have HCI and even automated batch processing with uniqueness, its fundamental feature is that the monosyllabic Chinese characters meet a certain arithmetic base that is indirectly formalized, that is, the typical P base. As a result, it was unexpectedly discovered that arithmetic and language have rigid constraints on the underlying sequence-position logic and surface linkage functions, but there are flexible rules for broad interpretation or translation for the symbolic objects of their division and combination. Its significance lies in: sequence-position logic, linkage function, generalized bilingual or translation or language, in essence, from the macroscopic global to the microscopic local, to systematically and formally understand natural language, especially to thoroughly understand the relationship between Chinese language and speech, that is, a transparent way to understand natural language, namely: GXPS. There is no such direct way in other languages.

Keyphrases: Cognitive Systems and Information Processing, Compatibility of Personalization and Standardization, Computer Aided Understanding System Optimization, Formal Methods of Chinese Character Studies, Language and Mathematics, Linguistics and Philology, Mathematical Logic and Arithmetic System

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