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A Blockchain Aided Metric for Predictive Delivery Performance in Supply Chain Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 517

6 pagesDate: September 20, 2018


The topic of blockchain has been inundated with the fanaticism of cryptocurrencies' enthusiasts in recent years. In fact, the theory of blockchain and technologies behind are more worthy to be discussed to bring revolution to nowadays business operation. In this paper, we conduct an interdisciplinary study on business logistics as well as the cutting edge information technologies. We discuss the ongoing projects of blockchain in business industry, and then we propose our assessment model and blockchain framework to seek an enhanced metric for delivery performance with real-time feature and higher accuracy. Based on the our analysis, we identify the shortcomings of traditional assessment on delivery performance in contemporary global supply chain management and we discuss the potential benefits brought by adoption of our proposed framework.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, blockchain framework, blockchain system, Blockchain Technology, Business Intelligence, delivery, industrial supply chain management, smart contract, Supply Chain Management

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