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Complementing Existing CHP Plants with Pyrolysis and Gasification to Produce Liquid Biofuels

EasyChair Preprint no. 4538

6 pagesDate: November 11, 2020


In Northern Europe we have many CHP plants operating with biomass and waste as fuel. As more wind power and solar power is introduced the operating hours are reduced and thereby also the capital burden is distributed on fewer annual hours. At the same time we see a strong demand to replace fossil oil for many different purposes by renewable alternatives. Here biomass and waste are the major resources available and to produce liquid or gaseous bio-based products at existing CHP plants make sense. In this study we have simulated system solutions to identify energy and material balances as well as rough economical figures. The products assumed are primarily fuels like diesel, Hydrogen and methane, but also other organic compounds can be considered. Today PREEM and St1 are planning large scale production of primarily bio-diesel, or HVO, where liquid products from both pulp and paper industry and CHP plants will be suitable feed-stocks. We also have compared hydrogen production in gasifiers to electrolysis, and even a combination of these as oxygen from the electrolyzer can be used for the gasification, to avoid ballast of nitrogen in the product gas. The paper will identify optimal solution under different conditions with respect to both electricity and raw material costs, as well as capital cost.

Keyphrases: CHP, HVO, Hydrogen, Pyrolysis

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