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Overcoming Network Leverages in Metropolitan Cities: Leveraging Cache-Based V2V Broadcasting Theory

EasyChair Preprint no. 13016

9 pagesDate: April 14, 2024


Metropolitan cities are hubs of bustling activity, characterized by dense populations, high traffic volumes, and an ever-growing demand for seamless network connectivity. However, the inherent challenges posed by such urban environments often result in network congestion, latency issues, and unreliable connectivity. In this paper, we analyze the specific network challenges faced in densely populated metropolitan areas and propose a novel solution leveraging cache-based Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) broadcasting theory to overcome these challenges.

The proliferation of connected devices, coupled with the exponential increase in data consumption, has put immense strain on existing network infrastructures in metropolitan areas. Traditional cellular networks often struggle to cope with the sheer volume of data traffic, leading to congestion during peak hours and in densely populated areas. Additionally, the presence of tall buildings, narrow streets, and other physical obstructions further exacerbates connectivity issues, resulting in dead zones and poor signal quality.

Cache-based V2V broadcasting theory presents a promising solution to these challenges by utilizing the storage and transmission capabilities of vehicles within the urban environment. By strategically deploying caching mechanisms in vehicles equipped with V2V communication technology, it becomes possible to offload data traffic from congested cellular networks and deliver content efficiently to end-users.

Keyphrases: Cache-based V2V broadcasting theory, connectivity, Densely populated areas, Latency issues, Metropolitan Cities, Network Challenges, Network Congestion

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