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Gain Optimization on Orthogonally Feed U-Slotted Antenna for S-Band Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 2307

5 pagesDate: January 4, 2020


A novel compact dual band orthogonally feed circular polarized antenna is proposed. The antenna is composed of two main parts one is ground etched U-slot radiator and another is orthogonal feed lines. The feed lines are connected to the patch forms Q shaped structure. This is to improve the impedance bandwidth of antenna. The gain optimization is majorly done at the last antenna modification which shows the peak gain of 6.29 dB within 3-dB ARBW. This peak gain and axial ratio bandwidth is improved by simply adding rectangular cuts in the outer part and the triangular cut on the middle part of ground U-shaped structure. The gain is also improved by cutting the top portion of both patches on either side of feed lines in earlier stage of optimization. The maximum size of antenna is 48x48x1mm3.The optimized result shows good isolation between these two asymmetrical ports. The impedance bandwidth (IBW) is 1.99- 8.20 GHz (155.2%) & 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth is 1.93-6.29 GHz (109%) and port isolation of >14.3 dB obtained. The impedances of the two ports are matched exactly such that it is equal to the characteristics impedance of 50 Ω.

Keyphrases: ARBW, Dual band CP operation, Gain, HFSS, Orthogonal feed structure, polarization

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