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Big Data Analytics for Preschool

EasyChair Preprint no. 4250

6 pagesDate: September 23, 2020


This paper provides a depth review of Big Data Analytic (BDT) benefits, process, and challenges in the preschool education sector. BDT plays an important role in optimizing education intelligence by simplifying institutions, organization, educator’s approaches, predictive teaching and assessment approach. Furthermore, BDTs are used to examine, identify and predict learners’ needs, threat failures and outcomes to progress their knowledge outcomes and to make sure that the academic programmers undertaken are of excellent standards. This paper also identified the phases of employment Big Data and how to analyse it. Although BDT significant contributions for education, there are several challenges regarding its security, privacy, ethics, and lack of skilled professionals, data processing and storage. Consequently we will describe the sources of some challenges of implementing big data analytics in the preschool sector and give some propositions to overcome these obstacles.

Keyphrases: Big Data Analytic (BDT), International Data Corporation (IDC) defined, three Vs of big

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