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Shared Semantic Patterns in the Basic Vocabulary of the Uralic Languages in Siberia

EasyChair Preprint no. 8989

12 pagesDate: October 5, 2022


Nowadays there is a trend for compiling cross-linguistic databases on semantic shifts (DatSemShift 2.0) and colexifications (CLICS), as it serves objectives of typological studies and provides vast data for comparative studies. However, there are no such cross-linguistic databases for diachronic semantic shifts that would describe shifts from a proto-language meaning to the meaning in descendant languages. Semantic reconstruction is usually done within one language family. But now with the appearance of a cross-linguistic platform LingvoDoc it is possible to simultaneously compare data from the Uralic, Turkic and Tungusic languages and build maps that show areal patterns. There has not been any catalogue that would show areal distribution of diachronic semantic shifts yet. In this study, preliminary results are shown in the form of 11 maps.

Keyphrases: areal patterns, cross-linguistic polysemy, semantic shifts, Uralic languages

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