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Land Use Impact and Its Role in Road Safety Using Multiple Regression Analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 8315

33 pagesDate: June 19, 2022


Increase of the land use activity and business activity centers mainly suffer from static and dynamic fluencies involved with land use impact. With, the illegal land encroachment evaluation of both transportation and land use are hindered constantly leading to salient special transformations such as agglomeration and centralization over space and transportation network. At the moment in most of the cities public parking site selection and illegal vendor spots are done by traditional methods for just visiting the sites. In this method considering all of the effective parameters in the site selection is almost impossible and site selection is just done by considering some Limited factors. Thus, important variables are enhanced for larger variance in the defined model.This study potentially tries to evaluate the relation between the spaces in road beside the right of way and their influence in risk generation on stretch considered with peak hour validation traffic data. Thus, deriving the relationship this study tries to accommodate the generalized impact and quiet efficiently turns them into valuable predictions.This paper tries to propose a new method to describe, compare, and classify the traffic congestion points using the online map data and further correlate the relationship between traffic congestion and land use. 

We considered different types of land use through performing a linear regression analysis.. Even though the data might not seem accurate quick results can be obtained from such. The manipulative factors can be reasonably gathered and quantified from the absolute methods. But these methods tries to approach the decisive proceedings with the conjugated spectrum. Those conditions will be highly provocative in making the model tight gapped honing the skill set of the system

Keyphrases: LAND USE IMPACT, multiple regression analysis, road safety

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