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Smart Educational Game Based On Augmented Reality

EasyChair Preprint no. 2731

11 pagesDate: February 21, 2020


  Scientists assert our eyes indeed only see a small portion of what is happening around us. Actually it is a scary fact thinking of the human level of acquaintance to surrounding circumstances, and raises the query of what we would be able to see if we could see 100% of everything. The options are boundless, and when it comes to education, imagine how we can improve teaching methods through such technology.
  Augmented reality can help making classes more interactive and allowing learners to focus more on practicing instead of just theory. As augmented reality adds virtual objects to the real world, it gives students the opportunity to train their skills using physical devices.
  Our smart educational application can be built on (Android , IOS ,Mac , LINUX,Xbox,PS4,Web,Facebook or PC) .It is based on augmented reality technology, easy to use and mainly target is kids at age of 3-7 years old to teach them alphabets ,words and numbers of two languages ( Arabic and English) by attractive means. It contains image recognition, text to speech, some fun games, others attractive ideas for kids and mainly augmented reality to interact with the kid using more natural way of communications.
  An experiment was performed on kids at age of 2-10 years old, although our game target was for kids at age of 3-7 years old the result of the experiment exceeded our expectations as all kids in different ages were enthusiastic for the game, they did not want to let it go and they thought it was magic as they saw 3D objects popped on the screen out of nowhere.

Keyphrases: 3D models, Augmented Reality (AR), C# scripts., educational game, Vuforia

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