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Technologies of Sustainability in Large Banks Buildings

EasyChair Preprint no. 6995

10 pagesDate: November 6, 2021


Achieving energy efficiency is a very important step of applying the concepts of sustainability, this will reduce the financial costs that coming from energy consumption for the purposes of operating HVAC system so this concept will give a great effect on the environment and the economic aspects. Bank buildings are represented of the financial strength of the country, as they have a strong and direct impact on the reality of society and urban reality, and these buildings often consume a large amount of energy for cooling and heating purposes in the hot and dry climate of Iraq, so the research problem is focus on the knowledge deficiency of the importance of the role of techniques of sustainability in advancing the banking work at the design and performance level. Therefore, the purpose of research was to find the knowledge aspects of designing the external envelope of the banking building in a sustainable manner that contributes to achieving energy efficiency and reducing the negative impact of banking buildings on the environment, as a result technique of sustainability and technological developments have led to the change and innovation in designing an advanced environment in banking buildings, such as achieving communication in the work environment in addition to providing comfort to the occupants in it, and this will lead to improved performance and production.

Keyphrases: banking building, energy efficiency, indoor environment, Techniques of sustainability

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